Network Basics

  • Network Concepts
  • Network Architectures
  • The OSI Model

Wired Computer-to-Computer Connections

  • Wired Network Connections
  • Network Interface Cards and Modems
  • LAN Wiring and Testing
  • Network-to-Network Connection Components

Wired Internetworking Deices

  • Basic Internetworking Devices
  • Specialized Internetworking Devices
  • Wired Communications Standard
  • The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • DHCP Servers

Wireless Networking

  • Wireless Network Devices
  • Wireless Networking Standards
  • Wireless Configuration
  • DHCP Servers

Security Threats and Mitigation

  • Security Threats
  • Threats Mitigation
  • Operating Systems
  • Security Devices and Practices

Network Access Control

  • Authentication
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Remote Access
  • Wireless Security
  • Monitoring Resources

FOR WHOM: CIOs, Heads of Departments, IT Professionals, System Analysts, Network Administrators, Network Engineers, Systems/Security Administrators, IT Development Managers and others who perform related functions.


DATE:            29th – 31st May, 2024

                         27th – 29th September, 2024




Today, businesses of all sizes depend upon a networked computer system connected to the Internet. Computer and network technologies have greatly increased employee productivity, elevated the status of “information” to that of a computer asset and reduced the cost of doing business. Unfortunately, the same technology that makes life easier for the employee also makes life easier for cyber criminals and more difficult for the IT professionals whose responsibility it is to secure the organization’s vital data. Private and Public corporations alike seek professionals who are capable of protecting networks from intrusion, protecting computers from viruses and retrieving data as evidence from computers used in the commission of committing fraud and other corporate crimes.

This workshop provides participants the knowledge of network installation, access and security, fault tolerance, disaster recovery and network troubleshooting.


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