Operating System Security

  • Windows Architecture Basics
  • Active Directory Structure and Design
  • Permissions and Rights
  • Configuring Group Policy and Essentials
  • User Account Policies
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Delegation Of Authentication

Windows Access Control

  • Principle Of Least Privilege
  • Windows Access Model
  • Understanding and Configuring UAC

Protecting Local Data

  • Protecting Local Data and Encryption Essentials
  • Understanding and Managing TPM
  • EFS Basics and Management
  • Bitlocker Essentials & Requirements
  • Bitlocker Modes
  • Managing Bitlocker
  • Network Unlock

Securing Data In Transit

  • PKI Essentials
  • AGDLP Certificate Services
  • CA Hierarchies and Roles

File Sharing

  • Managing File Shares and Administration
  • Disabling Administrative Shares
  • Share And Access Permissions

Securing the Registry

  • Understanding The Registry
  • Securing Registry Utilities
  • Registry Key Permissions
  • Auditing Registry Access

System Hardening

  • Defining Server Roles
  • Using Server Manager
  • Reducing The Attack Surface
  • Server Core and Applocker Essentials
  • Security Templates

Windows Firewall

  • Firewall Essentials
  • Firewall With Advanced Security

FOR WHOM: Chief Information Officers, IT Managers, Heads of Departments, Servers Managers, IT Professionals, Systems/Security Administrators, Network Engineers and others who perform related functions.


DATE:              24th – 26th April, 2024

                           30th Oct – 1st Nov.,  2024




It’s a pretty safe bet that your company is storing valuable and confidential information on one or more Windows file servers right now. What may be less obvious is to what extent those servers have been appropriately hardened and locked down to protect the data from unauthorized access. Participants will start by learning the basics of system security, then jump into learning about operating system security, including users and groups, permissions and rights, and managing user accounts. This course will also teach about Windows access control, protecting local data, securing data in transit, file sharing, securing the registry, system hardening, and Windows firewall. Finally, you will learn about security monitoring, backup and recovery, and Windows security enhancements. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able

  • To provide more secure access to data and remotely manage your Windows-based servers
  • Apply these tools, principles, and functionalities available to secure your own Windows networks


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