Information Technology for Managers

  • Overview of Information Technology in Workplace
  • Contributions of IT to the Workplace
  • Information Technology and Managers
  • The Challenges of Change

Understanding and Interpreting Information

  • What is Information?
  • Interpreting Information
  • Characteristics of Information
  • From Information to Knowledge
  • Decision Making

Business Frameworks and Information Technology

  • Frameworks for Information Technology
  • A Framework Based on IT
  • The Basics of Information Systems
  • Information Technology and Globalization

Management Control of Information

  • Management Control
  • Information and Control
  • Management Issues and Security Issues
  • Managerial Concerns

Systems Designs

  • Systems Analysis
  • Survey and Feasibility Study
  • Identifying System Alternative
  • Undertaking System Designs

Database Management

  • File Elements
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  • Databases in System Design
  • Structure of Database

FOR WHOM: CIOs, IT Department Managers, IT Executives, Heads of Departments, Business Managers, System Administrators, Security Personnel, Database Administrators, IT Professionals and anyone who want to update/sharpen their knowledge and skills in Information Technology Management.


DATE:              7th – 9th February, 2024

                            21st – 23rd August, 2024




IT had long been and will continue to be a business enabler, empowering decisions and driving processes in dynamic business environment. This course is designed to offer you effective IT skills to usefully manage and analyze business information and situations for strategic decision making. It will also teach on how to implement and control IT in both small and large organizations. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Have an excellent grasp of the functionality, capabilities and effects of the technology they should implement and manage
  • Gain an understanding of how to aid corporate strategies with information technology and how to identify different business frameworks


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