IPV4 Network

  • Configuring IPV4 for your network – Using PowerShell
  • Routing – Theory (optional)
  • Commonly used Networking Commands
  • Overview of Microsoft Message Analyzer

IPv6 Technology

  • IPV6 Scope for DHCP
  • Overview of Network integration
  • Prepare IPV4 & IPV6 Networks
  • ISATAP Configuration

Domain Name System

  • Working with Host file
  • AD and DNS Integration
  • Primary and secondary zones
  • Adding child domains
  • Forward Lookup Zones – Zone replication in
  • Reverse Lookup Zone
  • PowerShell Commands
  • Monitoring and Analyzing DNS – BPA

IPAM – IP Address Management

Installing & Configuring IPAM server feature

IP Address Block

Remote Access in Windows server 2019

  • Prepare your Infrastructure
  • Add Certificates
  • Configure WAP

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Installing and Configuring VPN
  • Network Policy server
  • Establishing VPN connection
  • Radius Server
  • VPN Security – SSL Certificate and SSL Connection

Implementing Networking, Distributed File System (DFS)

  • DFS, Redirection and Troubleshoot
  • Disk Quota and Installing DFS
  • DFS Namespace and replication
  • Fix GPO redirection Policy

FOR WHOM: CIOs, Heads of Departments, IT Professionals, System Analysts, Servers Managers, Network Engineers, Systems/Security Administrators, IT Development Managers and others who perform related functions.


DATE:               26th – 28th March, 2024

                            9th – 11th October, 2024




Windows Server is one of the oldest and most widely used operating systems. At the heart of the Microsoft Cloud Platform vision, Windows Server brings Microsoft’s experience delivering global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure. This workshop teaches you about the advanced networking features of Windows Server 2019. Learn how to network and secure virtual and physical computers. See a demonstration of high-performance networking, including how to work with Hyper-V and physical hosts. It will also covers NIC teaming, ultra-fast SMB communications, VPN to Microsoft Azure linking, GRE tunnels, load balancing, and ISCSI. Additionally, it explains new and interesting ways to use ICMP tools and discusses the new and improved features of Windows Server 2019.


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