Harnessing the Power of Group Policies

  • Introducing Group Policies Objects (GPOs)
  • Controlling Computer Configurations
  • Managing User Environments

The Building Blocks of Group Policies

  • Leveraging Administrative Templates
  • Storing and Containerizing GPOs
  • Refreshing User and Computer Configurations

Controlling the Deployment of GPOs

  • Exploiting Scopes of Management (SOM)
  • Limiting GPO Application to Specific Entities
  • Implement Powershell

Deploying Software Packages with GPOs

  • Constructing a Strategic Deployment Plan
  • Modifying Software Deployment Options
  • Ensuring the Reliability of GPO-Deployed Software

Centralizing Security Management

  • Exposing Security Settings
  • Centrally Managing Security Mechanisms
  • Leveraging the Security Configuration Wizard

Tuning and Troubleshooting GPOs

  • Reviewing Advanced Logs for Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Failures and Unexpected Results
  • Performing Backup and Recovery

Extending GPO Administration

  • Automating GPO Management
  • Leveraging Advanced Tools

FOR WHOM: Chief Information Officers, Database Administrators, Servers Managers, IT Professionals, Systems Administrators, IT Managers and others who work in environments where databases play a key role in their primary job responsibilities or develop applications that deliver content from databases.


DATE:         3rd – 5th July, 2024

                      11th – 13th December, 2024




Maintaining highly reliable and secure Windows environments in a cost – effective manner can be a challenge. Group Policies provide the ability to centrally manage your workstation and server configuration while streamlining administrative tasks and reducing IT costs. This workshop provides the knowledge and skills you need to create and manage effective Group Policies


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