The main Cycles in Human Resources Management

  • HR Strategy Cycle
  • Recruitment and Selection Cycle
  • Training and Development Cycle
  • Performance Management Cycle
  • Compensation and Benefits Cycle

Measuring Human Resources

  • Measuring HR Strategies: the Main KPIs
  • Human Resources versus Human Capital
  • Return on Human Capital (ROHC) and Cost of Labour (COL)

Employee Turnover

  • Analyzing Turnover
  • Cost of Turnover for Organizations
  • Healthy versus Unhealthy Turnover
  • Turnover Index

Managing Employee Performance

  • Management by Objectives (MBO) Systems
  • Behavioural Rating
  • Competency Based Appraisals
  • HR Scorecards and Dashboards

Strategic HR Management

  • Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
  • Situation Analysis
  • HR Strategic Goals
  • Critical Success factors in HR

FOR WHOM: Human Resources Managers, Business Partners, Team Leaders and others who seek to broaden their knowledge and improve their skills in the key functions of HR as well as those who are responsible for evaluating HR and its effectiveness in the organization.


DATE:                        24th – 26th January, 2024

                                     7th – 9th August, 2024



The HR function in any modern organization cannot continue to play an implementation role only. It has to present a strategic approach to management in order to truly become a strategic partner in the business. This workshop will help you learn about the tools and techniques used in drafting and developing HR strategies. It will also equip you with the knowledge and the skills you need to translate such strategies into actions. Furthermore, the workshop will enable you to link the HR strategy to that of the organization and provide real value-adding HR solutions while presenting them in a language which organizational management understands. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define Strategic HR Management and Draft an HR Strategy
  • Explain the vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which should be constantly monitored in HR
  • Assess employee morale and determine a formula for calculating it objectively


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