Introduction to Warehousing Management
  • The Modern Warehouse
  • The Warehousing Cycle
  • Problems and Challenges in Warehousing
  • Warehousing and Inventory Costs
  • Customer Service in Warehousing
Inventory Classification and Record Accuracy
  • The ABC Classification
  • Inventory Record Accuracy
  • Reasons for Poor Accuracy
  • Periodic and Cycle Counting
  • Systems and Methodology of Counting
  • Knowing what is inside the Warehouse
  • Identifying safety Hazards
Safety in the Warehouse
  • Good Housekeeping inside the Warehouse
  • Causes of Damage
  • Planning for Safety
  • Unsafe Acts and Conditions
Storage and Material Handling Systems
  • Layout of the Warehouse
  • Size and Shape of the Warehouse
  • Storage Utilization and Organization
  • Fixed versus Random Location
  • Material Handling Equipment
Dealing with Staff Related Warehousing Issues
  • Key Roles if the Warehouse Manager
  • Staff Management Issues
  • Motivation of Warehouse Employee
  • Qualities of a Good Warehouse Employee
Productivity and Audit of a Warehouse
  • Definition of productivity
  • Causes of Lost Time
  • Warehousing

FOR WHOM: Stores Managers, Warehouse Managers, Purchasing Managers, Production and Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Supervisors, Stores Keepers, Warehouse Personnel and others who perform related functions.


DATE:              19th – 21st June, 2024

                           4th – 6th December, 2024


Inventories can reach millions and millions of Naira. You need the right and a good warehouse to store, keep and protect all those millions of Naira. In this workshop, we will discuss the best and the latest methods to store and protect these high value inventories. Also, we will discuss the best characteristics of what makes a modern warehouse. Knowing what you have and how much you have are the keys to proper warehousing management. We will explore the various methods to achieve record accuracy and successful cycle counting. A scientific method of auditing the warehouse will be applied.


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